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Rich Custom Error Handling (MSDN)
Adding your own custom error handling to your ASP.NET Web applications can ease debugging and improve customer satisfaction. Eli Robillard shows how you can create an error-handling mechanism that shows a friendly face to customers and still provides the detailed technical information developers will need.
Topics: Exception Handling, ASP.NET, C#

One Site, Many Faces (MSDN)
Learn how to build and maintain a site with many interfaces, including XML, HTML, RSS, print-only, and mobile feeds. The core of the approach is a switchboard that handles all incoming URL requests, and locates and serves appropriate content accordingly. The method may be extended for other uses, including providing helpful error pages (after empty searches or 404s) directing the user to related content on your site and elsewhere.
Topics: Content Management, RewritePath, ASP.NET, C#, HttpHandler, HttpModule, global.asax

Converting Microsoft Access to SQL Server
Finally, a step-by-step guide to converting relational databases with more than one table (not that you have many of those, right?).
Topics: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Primary Key (PK) Conversion

The Lazy Programmer
In the long run, the truly lazy will always seek the most efficient solution. As you begin to see problems the lazy way, it becomes clear that all the great approaches to software development are in fact predicated on laziness.
Topics: Efficient Design, Design Patterns, Normalization, Refactoring
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Smart Software: Listening and Taste
Learn how to build software that people love to use. Understand why meeting "user requirements" leads to software people hate. Software needs to listen and react appropriately -- with taste. Warning: Requires thought.
Topics: Classic ASP, ADO, databases.
[GenericDB Home Page and Download Site]

Displaying Recordsets and Viewing Records
How to display data from a database using Active Server Pages. Or, when not to use GenericDB.
Topics: Classic ASP, ADO, databases.

GenericDB Article
Before GenericDB became the most popular tool to put databases online, it was the most popular article about putting database online.
Topics: Classic ASP, ADO, databases.
[GenericDB Home Page and Download Site]

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