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I was born in Alberta, grew up Saskatchewan and moved to Ontario in October of 1996. I've fly-fished since 1995 and played drums since I was four. I'm an Information Systems Analyst who specializes in databases, but to tell you the truth I don't like computers very much. Computers and the Internet are handy and all, but there comes a point where it's time to admit that the Internet is either television or CB-radio's bastard child and the "Information Highway" we were promised is a labyrinth. I'm doing my part to shift the focus by building videoconference networks and dynamic online databases that people actually communicate and interact with.


When I'm not working or fishing I watch a lot of movies. My favourite flicks are Apocalypse Now, Bullet In the Head, The Killer, Reservoir Dogs, Highlander, A River Runs Through It, Grumpy Old Men, The Godfather, The Usual Suspects, Spinal Tap, and Blade Runner.


As for music, I listen to Big Star, Weather Report, Jane's Addiction, Miles, and Elvis mostly, and also have a large collection of classical and jazz. My record player still needs a new needle every year or so, may vinyl never die.

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