Download and Install SuperFly Full Installation

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  1. Create a new, empty directory on your C: drive (I'll assume you call it SF).
  2. Download the Full Installation from the main SuperFly page into your new SF directory.
  3. Run the file you've downloaded. Currently it is called SF22F.EXE. This unpacks the installation files.
    To Run a program in Windows 3.1x, go to Program Manager, click File, click Run, click Browse to locate the File, click OK, click OK.
    In Win 95: click Start, click Run, click Browse, locate the File, click OK, click OK.
  4. Run SETUP.EXE, which was unpacked in the last step.
  5. Follow the installation instructions, or just press Enter on every screen to move along.
  6. You now have SuperFly installed!
  7. If you like, erase the files in the SF directory and delete the SF directory. You will likely never use them again.
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