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Outlaw Biker

Fast Lane - The best classified ads from Outlaw Biker Year One

Keezo: Look man, I like you and God knows I owe you for all kinda favors, but a grand's a grand and if I eat any more Beefaroni I'm gonna scream. Tip.

Righteous lady wanted. Bro stuck in NYC, needs a sweetie who can tell the difference between a pan and a knuckle. Sick and tired of the city life and no nuthin' punker dopes. Looking to meet up with a local lady who feels the same way. I'm W/M, 28, handsome and all that shit. You, a foxy amputee (tattooes?) who'd been around. Write me, I like'em close to the ground. Bear.

Very horny, lonely biker asks: Are you overweight? Fat? Or just big everywhere? If so, you may be what I'm looking for. Big tits, big legs, big hips. Send me a flick, ya sexy thing, And please hurry. Will write all who send photo. I'm 6'1", 169 lbs., 29 yrs. old. Ya don't hafta be anything but yourself. Tino. 83A4776, H.U. 9-2, Fishkill Correctional Facility, Beacon, N.Y., 12508.

Booby R. I don't care about the bowling ball or what you did to my brother. I just have to have you back in my bed again -- Cindy.

Okay Spike you win. I gave up the booze and don't date Linda anymore. Now will you take me back? Your wife.